Quarz Pro Active Hydro Treatment System

Quarz Pro Active Hydro Treatment System

This Product Series only available for Beauty Saloon only. Please contact us for order or more details.

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  1. Pro Active Hydro Mild Exfoliant (3ml)
    Contain PHA (Polyhydroxy Acid) a type of very very mild exfoliant which could sensitive yet effective as a natural base exfoliator.
  2. Pro Active Hydro Repair System (8ml)
    Contain alpha Gulcan Oligosaccharide work as skin prebiotic to protect and prevent skin damage. A very good soothing relief agent for sallow and redness.
  3. Pro Active Hydro Complex System (6ml)
    This product named from its color same as aquamarine, which is the hottest color in year 2017. Contain sodium Polyglutamate which help to enchance skin moisture level.
  4. Pro Active Hydro Complex System (6ml)
    Contain sunflower oil which enhance the emolliency of skin, meanwhile improve the penetration of oligopeptide.
  5. Pro Active Hydro Soft Comfort Mask (7ml)
    Contain refined grade Pearl powder to promotes a smooth, soft and supple skin. Natural jojoba oil helps to retain moisture and helps for skin repair.
  6. Pro Active Hydro Moist Jelly Mask (25gm)
    A type of align mask which so called “rubber peel off mask”. Allantoin and Aloe Vera extract helps to prevent skin sensitivity.


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