Quarz Pro Active Renewal Treatment System

Quarz Pro Active Renewal Treatment System

This Product Series only available for Beauty Saloon only. Please contact us for order or more details.

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  1. Pro Active Exfoliating Peel System (5ml)
    Contain PHA as mild exfoliator, Niacinamide (known as Vitamin B3) is good for those yellowish skin, it helps for skin lightening and enchance metabolism.
  2. Pro Active Renewal System I (3ml)
    Ferulic acid worked as natural antioxidant to protect skin from oxidation. Mainly reduce redness and uncomfortable after peeling and extraction.
  3. Pro Active Renewal System II (3ml)
    Contain a mixture of lotus seed fermented and Tranexamic acid which is ideal for skin whitening, inhibits tyrosinase (dark spot reduce).
  4. Pro Renewal Luminmoist Jelly Maskous Complex (8ml)
    Contain a type of stabilize Vitamin C, which helps skin repair, pigmentation reduce. Low weight molecular Hyaluronic Acid is more easy to penetrate into epidermis, and different with high molecular weight HA. Skin moisture enough, also help for overall skin lightening.
  5. Pro Renewal Luminous Cream Mask (7ml)
    Contain high concentrate of Arbutin, which well-known it’s good function for skin lightening and depigmentation. Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E) protect skin cell from oxidation.
  6. Pro Active Renewal Mask (25gm)
    Contain pure Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) helps for skin lightening and skin tone even.
  7. Pro Active Renewal Finale Serum (3ml)
    This is a final touch Ampoule which contain high moisturizing effect, mainly to restore hydration of skin after treatment. Contain several type of saccharides, such as Biosaccharide Gum-1 & Biosaccharide  Gum-4 is fermented from sugar, which has high moisturizing effect. Exopolysaccharide is fermented from seaweed, mainly smoothness rough skin.


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